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Katja Schechtner

Katja Schechtner is an urban scientist who develops new technologies and shapes innovative policies to keep cities on the move.

In her research she currently focuses on a reassessment of the position of nature within urban governance processes, by exploring the concept of nature as a rights holder rather than a "managed resource” with MIT LCAU and dieAngewandte and at the same time, she tackles questions of urban policymaking with a particular emphasis on understanding the human perception of - and interaction with - the built environment with senseable city lab.

Her current exhibition: "Frauen Bauen Stadt - The City Through a Female Lens" has been featured in international media, from Al Jazeera to El Pais, Fuji TV to Le Monde, and is traveling to cities and architecture venues across Europe in 2022.

She is a global urban nomad, bringing together people and bridging cultures — in science, finance and arts.

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